Additional Resources

Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Yadkin Valley Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic organization that promotes a positive business environment, facilitates community betterment and supports economic development in Yadkin, Wilkes & Surry Counties.

Clean Water Management Trust Fund

Established in 1996, the Clean Water Management Trust Fund provides grant assistance to conservation non-profits, local governments and state agencies for the protection of surface waters in North Carolina. CWMTF funds projects that (1) enhance or restore degraded waters, (2) protect unpolluted waters, and/or (3) contribute toward a network of riparian buffers and greenways for environmental, educational, and recreational benefits, (4) provide buffers around military bases to protect the military mission, (5) acquire land that represents the ecological diversity of North Carolina, and (6) acquire land that contributes to the development of a balanced State program of historic properties.

NCDENR Division of Water Infrastructure

The 1987 amendments to the Federal Clean Water Act replaced the Construction Grants program with the Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program (CWSRF). Under the CWSRF, Congress provides the states with grant funds to establish revolving loan programs to assist in the funding of wastewater treatment facilities and projects associated with estuary and nonpoint source programs. The states are required to provide 20% matching funds. In North Carolina, these funds are made available to units of local government at one-half (1/2) of the market rate for a period of up to 20 years. The actual term of the loan is determined by the State Treasurer’s Office.

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