Capital Projects

For information on the PGW Downstream Improvements Project, please click here.

For information on the SW Elkin Collection System Improvements project, please click here.

  • SW Elkin MH 133 Before Picture

For information on the Phase II Pump Station Rehab Project, please click here.


Sewer Collection System Rehabilitation Project Phase II

Pump Stations Rehabilitation & Elimination

The project will consist of the rehabilitation of 13 pump stations and the elimination of 4 pump stations. In addition, one aerial gravity sewer main will be replaced with like-size facilities with no increase in design capacity. Gravity sewers used to abandon pump stations will be 8-inch size, to meet North Carolina DWQ standards for public sewers.

  • serving Elkin, Jonesville and Ronda, NC


For information on the 2015 WWTP Improvements Project, please click here.



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