All official meetings of the Directors (subject only to lawfully recognized exceptions) are open to the public in compliance with NC General Statutes Section 143-318.1, et seq. Petitions and requests from the public are asked to be submitted in writing not less than 5 business days prior to the scheduled meeting and placed on the agenda for the official meeting of the Directors. The Directors encourage public attendance at all meetings. Persons wanting to address the Authority not having submitted a request to do so may only be heard after a majority of Directors agree to do so.

2017 Board Meeting Schedule

Public Notice Special Meeting 12/30/2016 Financial Assistance Contract Approval

Public Notice Special Meeting 10/27/2016 PGW Downstream Project

Change of Meeting Date for September 13, 2016

Public Notice.Special Meeting 01212016.FY2015 Audit Contract Approval

2016 YVSA Board Meeting Schedule

January 12, 2016 YVSA Board Meeting Agenda

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